Sunday, June 18, 2006

Strawberry Fest 10K

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, June 17, 2006. Temp: 78 deg F. In the best Jon Walk tradition, as soon as I arrived in Madison, WI, I searched for a run and found one. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is a suburb of Madison, a town so well described by our very own Jamoosh. Lesson's learnt from this 10K.

1. Do not eat bratwurst & steaks with 4 bottles of Spotted Cow Ale the night before the race.
2. Do not forget hydration even if you are eating all kinds of anti running food.
3. Do not run on multiple 4 hour sleep nights.

Sun Prairie epitomizes small town midwestern Americana. There were about 150 runners between the 10K, 5K and 1 mile runs. The race coincided with the town's strawberry festival. The run wound around the entire town which incidentally was filled with rolling hills. Freaking hills.

Fun facts:

6.2 Miles: 59:09
Pace: 9.31/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (98 miles)

This goes down as my slowest 10K race time. But it was a lot of fun.

5 comments: said...

Was it tougher than Blue Bell?

I'm glad to be canonized here in this post.

Wait. Is that a good thing?

Seriously, it is a great way to enjoy the sport - run an event in a completely different town.

elf said...

Spotted Cow Ale sounds like hydration to me--I don't know what you're worried about... :)

Glad you had fun--sounds like the race was a success!


Holden said...

Hi Jon,

It wasn't as hilly as the Blue Bell 10K. However, lack of shade was a bit of a problem. Side note: This was not a chip timed event.

Elf, I agree about Spotted Cows. Yum!

jamoosh said...

Any bratwurst after the race...
Spotted Cow is not just hydration, but carbo loading. I prefer the Edel Pils myself, but it has limited availability.

Dave Smart said...

I happed to run across this today...If you're planning on heading back to Wisconsin- Hurley, WI on the north end of the state has the Paavo Nurmi Marathon Aug. 12 (but that's same date as HRB vs. 7-Hills at RTW)...they give out 275 finisher metals- not bad with average particpation of 240.