Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RTW Course

I have not run a 5K race since posting a P.R. at an April RTW with pacing help from Dirt Runner. With August club showdown looming, I'm going to try and run the RTW course once a week. Today was my first practice session.

Mile 1: 7:43
Mile 2: 8:29
Mile 3: 8:39
0.1 Mile: 0:48

Total: 25:40
Pace: 8:16/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (79.5 miles)

I'm 56 seconds over my P.R. time. My goal by race day is to run 7:45/mile. I need to negative split and work on heat management. Despite running early in the morning, it was humid and I started to overheat by the middle of the run. Despite Jon's call for wearing club shirt for the race, I might have to take it off just before the run and put it back on right after the run to effectively manage body heat. I've never run shirtless before so this will be interesting.

Run like the wind y'all.


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

yeh the HRB shirt is way too hot.....

Erica said...

Guys are so lucky to be able to run shirtless. It's so freakin' hot out here!

New(ish) runner said...

yep, running shirtless is the way to go.

Just converted to it, should hv done so long ago.

Betcha your time'll go up.

atownrunner said...

ahhh, i remember the first time i took off my shirt in a race. it was last October at the Space City 10 miler. I felt like I threw off about 10 lbs. It was great. It doesn't bother me any more.

Anonymous said...

Hey girls, just run in jogbras. Fair's fair.