Sunday, June 11, 2006

3.1 Junk Miles

I got up too late for a long run. That and my legs are just tired. So there goes motivation. I still felt the need to sweat a little so a nice leisurely 5K around my neighborhood was in order.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 28:07
Pace: 9:04/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (91.8 miles)

Heart rate was just around 150. I did sweat profusely as it was already pretty hot with a strong sun already pretty high up in the sky. I think these are referred to as junk miles as they don't do much to further your fitness. Still, it was therapeutic.

Run like the wind, y'all.

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Vic said...

Just curious about what exactly "junk miles" were so I google'd the term. Came across this article. I particularly thought the last paragraph was interesting:

"In most cases where I see people not getting through workouts, it's not because they are running too many miles on their easy days. It's because they are running too fast on their easy days, what you might call junk pace. There is no harm in running your easy days very slow. You will still build the aerobic systems that the aerobic runs are designed to build and you will recover more. In fact, the longer you are out there, the more work your body will do to build those aerobic systems. So, in many ways, an 80 minute run at 10 minutes per mile can be better than a 40 minute run at 8 minutes per mile."