Sunday, June 18, 2006

Strawberry Fest 10K

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, June 17, 2006. Temp: 78 deg F. In the best Jon Walk tradition, as soon as I arrived in Madison, WI, I searched for a run and found one. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is a suburb of Madison, a town so well described by our very own Jamoosh. Lesson's learnt from this 10K.

1. Do not eat bratwurst & steaks with 4 bottles of Spotted Cow Ale the night before the race.
2. Do not forget hydration even if you are eating all kinds of anti running food.
3. Do not run on multiple 4 hour sleep nights.

Sun Prairie epitomizes small town midwestern Americana. There were about 150 runners between the 10K, 5K and 1 mile runs. The race coincided with the town's strawberry festival. The run wound around the entire town which incidentally was filled with rolling hills. Freaking hills.

Fun facts:

6.2 Miles: 59:09
Pace: 9.31/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (98 miles)

This goes down as my slowest 10K race time. But it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

3.1 Junk Miles

I got up too late for a long run. That and my legs are just tired. So there goes motivation. I still felt the need to sweat a little so a nice leisurely 5K around my neighborhood was in order.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 28:07
Pace: 9:04/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (91.8 miles)

Heart rate was just around 150. I did sweat profusely as it was already pretty hot with a strong sun already pretty high up in the sky. I think these are referred to as junk miles as they don't do much to further your fitness. Still, it was therapeutic.

Run like the wind, y'all.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I woke up just in time to pedal myself over to the RTW 5K site this morning. It was hot and humid already by the start of the race. I met Dave Smart as soon as I got there. The Bowlers were also present. Mr. Sevenhill himself was there also. My goal for today was to try to beat last Tuesday's time. It was not meant to be. I missed it by 2 seconds. It was too hot for me today, by the 3rd mile, I was feeling pretty light headed and had to slow down considerably. Ahhhh, such is summer time racing in Houston.

Mile Splits:

Mile 1: 7:58
Mile 2: 8:08
Mile 3: 8:51
0.1 Mile: 0:43

Total: 25:42
Pace: 8:26/mile
Shoes: Asics GT-2110 (88.7 miles)

I ran with my grey Strider singlet. It is the airiest thing I have in my running attire. Even with it, I overheated on the 3rd mile. Perhaps being topless will allow me to maintain my pace during the last mile.

A well deserving shout out goes to Suzy Schreiber, the local manager of Luke's Locker. She does a tremendous job of managing this race. She is there almost every race working the timer, shouting out encouragements and giving out neat gifts. Check out her store. It is located in The Woodlands Marketplace. There should be a big sale going on right now. Be sure to say Hi to Suzy!

Trinidad & Tobago Rocks!

Despite being man down early in the second half, T & T managed to hold of the far superior Swedes for a tie. Its great watching underdogs doing so well. 4 down and 60 games to go! Woo hoo!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Rocks!

I will be watching 64 matches of the World cup for the next 30 days. My life will be neglected. This is just so cool! I'll be rooting for England, US, Spain and Korea. All the countries I've lived at except for Japan.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another 6 Miles

This morning I lost 3 lbs while running 6 miles. The temp was in the low 70's so I must conclude that the humidity was way up there, messing with my body's thermal control unit.

Fun Facts:

Distance: 6.07 miles
Time: 55:08
Pace: 9:04/mile
Shoes: Asics GT-2110 (85.6 miles)

I'm getting ready to sign up for a long distance race. I'm wondering if I should return to Chicago to run the Distance Classic (assuming it is still open.) Looks like October will be a busy month with the Woodlands 10 miler, Huntville Half, Koala/Luke's Half and so on. I'm so looking forward to the fall racing season.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RTW Course

I have not run a 5K race since posting a P.R. at an April RTW with pacing help from Dirt Runner. With August club showdown looming, I'm going to try and run the RTW course once a week. Today was my first practice session.

Mile 1: 7:43
Mile 2: 8:29
Mile 3: 8:39
0.1 Mile: 0:48

Total: 25:40
Pace: 8:16/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (79.5 miles)

I'm 56 seconds over my P.R. time. My goal by race day is to run 7:45/mile. I need to negative split and work on heat management. Despite running early in the morning, it was humid and I started to overheat by the middle of the run. Despite Jon's call for wearing club shirt for the race, I might have to take it off just before the run and put it back on right after the run to effectively manage body heat. I've never run shirtless before so this will be interesting.

Run like the wind y'all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Run Logs

Thursday Morning:

Distance: 6.07 Miles
Time: 58:02
Pace: 9:33/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (64 miles)

Comment: Humid. I was struggling during the last mile. Heart rate peaked to 174. I'm still not feeling very comfortable with GT-2110. I had better luck with GT-2100 and with Gel-Kayano XI. I might have to switch shoes before it too long.

Sunday Morning:

Distance: 12.4 Miles
Time: 2:08:05
Pace: 10:19/mile
Shoes: GT-2110 (74.6 miles)

Comment: Not as humid. Started my run at 6:30 AM in hopes of finishing before it got hotter. The run was pleasant until about 7:30 when the sun started to rise over the trees. Thus, the second half of the run was a little hotter. Heart rate started to shoot up to around 174 again. I tried on a thicker sock and re-adjusted my shoe laces today as an adjustment and it did the trick. The shoe was a non-issue today. The pace was a little slower than I would have liked. Perhaps on my next run, I'll start out at 5:30 AM to beat the heat.

Still undecided on whether to join The Woodlands Fit group. Fortunately, I still have time to decide.

I have been blogging about running for a year now, (June 9th, 2005 was my first post) and boy have I come a long way. Back then, I had no idea my blogging experiment would be what it is now. Since then, I have accomplished many distances with help from many new friends I've met through the blogosphere, learnt how to deal with various injuries and most importantly, learnt that all runners, fast and slow deal with same running and life issues. For this, I am truly grateful.

Run well and live well.