Saturday, May 20, 2006

Running long between an Italian code and Over the Hedge

I typically don't go to the movies that often. This might have been the first time in my life, watching 2 movies in 2 days. I went to see Da Vinci's Code yesterday. Having read the book already, it was anti-climatic. It's not as much fun when you've already solved the puzzle I suppose. Oh, and every time Opus Dei is mentioned, I keep thinking about Opus, the Penguin, which in turn reminds me of the Penguin Chronicles which in turn makes me want to go for a run. How's that for 7 degrees of separation?

Saturday morning long slow run:

Distance: 12.4 miles
Time: 2:08:44
Pace: 10:22/mile
Shoes: Asics GT-2110 (54.9 miles)

During my run, I came across a bunch of TNT'ers, one of their water coolers but no Bill Dwyer. I should have asked about him but only thought about that several blocks after I passed them and they were going in the opposite direction. I also saw another running group but these guys were going much faster than the TNT'ers and they had a very serious game face on. Weather was fairly agreeable. The pace was a little slower than normal but it appears that I still have the stamina to run a half marathon.

Today's movie was Over the Hedge. We hit the first show (10:45 AM). Not in the Pixar leagues but pretty good still. Dreamworks is getting better and better. Now that I'm on a roll, I might go watch Tom Cruise in MI3 next.


Dave Smart said...

12 is a good number to run after seeing the Davinci Code. On Sat, I recall passing a familiar cooler along Branch Crossing, while driving Jon-Jon to picture day (T-Ball) at the YMCA, but didn't know which group it belonged to. It's always nice to see the TNT'ers or Woodlands Fitters out in force.

jamoosh said...

I'll give you ten bucks if you stand up in MI3 and yell, "Katie, I LOVE YOU!"

Hey, that's got to be good for a medium drink right?

JustJunebug said...

i saw over the hedge on friday and laughed my booty off!

and then on saturday i went and saw MI3..also loved it..great twists in there and hoffman is just fabulous.

i am waiting a couple more weeks before i go see the code.