Friday, May 12, 2006

"Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible."

This goes under, "Why I love Texas." While the rest of the Union debates the nuances of the Pledge of Allegiance, Texas has been pledging allegiance to its flag since 1933. Way cool.

How about this cool weather runners? Despite cooler morning yesterday, this runner was not able to get up early enough to enjoy it. To make up for that oversite, I ran in the evening. Apparently, it was steak night at the Choi residence, when I got home around 6:30PM, wife was trying to light the charcoal grill. I helped her ignite it, then went to change into my running outfit. After grilling the steaks for the family, I excused myself for a nice one hour run. Even though it was still 82 deg. F., the lack of humidity and constant breeze allowed fairly efficient body temperature management. I was a lot faster tonight. Perhaps knowing that there was a juicy steak and beer waiting for me was incentive enough for this middle aged body.


Distance: 7.55 miles
Pace: 8:38/mile
Shoes: 24.3 miles (Asics GT-2110)

I think this qualifies as the fasted paced 7.55 distance I've ever run. I seemed to have found another gear where I was able to maintain constant speed without too much strain. At least I didn't feel too strained. The heart told a different story. It was beating around 168 verses my normal 150. This all probably means I have to work on more aerobic conditioning if I want to run a much more faster long distance races this fall. Perhaps this is an extra incentive to join the Woodlands Fit group.

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jamoosh said...

The days are getting hotter and you are getting faster. Hmmm...