Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Easy 5K

This was my first run since last posting. I haven't run since 2 Saturdays ago. I've found out the hard way about controlling your caloric intake while on break. Otherwise, you gain weight. This was probably the first injury free break I've taken. All others up to this point was due to an injury or some kind of cold. However, extenuating circumstances forced my absence.

Mile 1: 9:49
Mile 2: 9:04
Mile 3.1: 9:20

Total: 28:14
Pace: 9:06/mile

I'll be shooting for 6 miles on Thursday.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Running long between an Italian code and Over the Hedge

I typically don't go to the movies that often. This might have been the first time in my life, watching 2 movies in 2 days. I went to see Da Vinci's Code yesterday. Having read the book already, it was anti-climatic. It's not as much fun when you've already solved the puzzle I suppose. Oh, and every time Opus Dei is mentioned, I keep thinking about Opus, the Penguin, which in turn reminds me of the Penguin Chronicles which in turn makes me want to go for a run. How's that for 7 degrees of separation?

Saturday morning long slow run:

Distance: 12.4 miles
Time: 2:08:44
Pace: 10:22/mile
Shoes: Asics GT-2110 (54.9 miles)

During my run, I came across a bunch of TNT'ers, one of their water coolers but no Bill Dwyer. I should have asked about him but only thought about that several blocks after I passed them and they were going in the opposite direction. I also saw another running group but these guys were going much faster than the TNT'ers and they had a very serious game face on. Weather was fairly agreeable. The pace was a little slower than normal but it appears that I still have the stamina to run a half marathon.

Today's movie was Over the Hedge. We hit the first show (10:45 AM). Not in the Pixar leagues but pretty good still. Dreamworks is getting better and better. Now that I'm on a roll, I might go watch Tom Cruise in MI3 next.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

US Border Patrol

Just came back from the border towns of McAllen and Brownsville. I saw several of our beleaguered US Border Patrol Agents. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Southern border is about 2000 miles long and there certainly isn't enough patrol agents. Of course, beefing up the number of agents does not get to the root of the problem. This blog is mainly about running so I'll just say that the Border Patrol Agents are doing a heck of a job with all that has been allocated to them. So lets all say a little prayer of appreciation for them. For the atheist readers, please send a note of thanks to the agents by sending a letter or email to Dubya. Some folks have been demanding that we build an impenetrable wall across the whole Southern border. Even though history and geopolitics tends to repeat itself, most Americans are sadly very ignorant of it. Back couple of thousand years ago, when China was the place to be, their emperor of the time also felt the same pressure. They felt a great need to keep the "barbarians" out of their outgoing, culturally and monetarily rich kingdom. The Great Wall is about as long as the American one will need to be and is a source of huge tourist attraction nowadays. But we must remember that it is a legacy of a huge public policy failure. The Mongolians still invaded China, and if you've watched Disney's Mulan zillions of times as all parents have, you know that the bad guy tells Mulan that he is invading simply because the emperor tempted him to do so with the wall.

I don't know what the solution to this problem is, but I do know that the issue has been festering for the past 30 years and ignoring it as we have for so long (just like we are ignoring the Social Security's financial problem) is not going to make it go away. Halfway measures such as granting citizenship is not a solution either. That measure is unfair to folks trying to get in the legal way and encourages more from skipping across the border. So Senator Kennedy, thanks for the thought but that does not solve the problem.

OK, I'm coming down from the pulpit. By the way, the picture of me on the Great Wall was taken in 2002, well before my running days. You can kind of make out my pot belly....

All things running:

7.55 Mile Fun Run:

Time: 1:09:32
Pace: 9:12/mile pace
Shoes: 42.5 miles (Asics GT-2110)
Temp: 57 deg. F

What a great run. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this morning. I hope all runners are enjoying these cool mornings.

Tiggs, welcome to the gellin' club!

Monday, May 15, 2006

AM Run

The great running weather continues...
I still have a nagging left ankle issue. Perhaps it is due to changing shoes. The left ankle area has been stressing since switching to Asics GT-2110. Perhaps my gait has changed slightly with these shoes and now I need to let my leg muscles and connective tissues to adapt to it. Either that or I'll go buy another pair of Kayano's and forget about it.
Anyway, not wanting to let another great running morning go to waste and not wanting to really damage my left ankle, I compromised and opted to run a short 3 miler.

5K Fun Run:

Mile 1: 8:52
Mile 2: 8:14
Mile 3: 8:16
0.1 Mile: 0:47
Total: 26:10
Pace: 8:26
Shoes: Asics GT-2110 (34.9 miles)

By mile 2, I was glad for the shorter distance. My left leg seemed to have lost the "bounce." I think I'll take a few extra days off to let it recover. I haven't thought much about 5K times since the P.R. run in April. I think I'll use the August team race against the 7 Hills Club of Huntsville as a goal to set another P.R. This time, my goal will be to break 24 minute barrier. To do that, I'll need to incorporate some speed work and really train for it. This should be fun.

Happy Running!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I've kicked my old coffee addiction last year. Prior to that, I always took a stainless coffee mug with 16 oz of coffee on my drive to work. Without it, I would develop a nasty headache and be lethargic for the rest of the day. I decided to kick the habit because it did not go well with early morning runs. However, this does not mean I've sworn off coffee. That would be hard. Afterall, I still like and enjoy the therapeutic value of a good cup of joe. I still drink one or two cups a week. Since I drink it so sparingly, when I do have a cup, it is mostly with premium varieties with some cinnamon sprinkled on it. Looking back, running has helped me break my last habit for a new one. Running is my new habit. Hopefully, I can keep this one for a while.

Saturday afternoon run....

There was too much commitment during Saturday morning to even think about planning a run. I briefly thought about postponing the run until Sunday morning but thought I should run whenever an opportunity presented itself. So against better judgment, I left the house for a dry 92 degree late afternoon run.

Distance: 7.55 miles
Time: 1:15:38
Pace: 9:59/mile
Shoes: 31.8 miles (GT-2110)

Several walk breaks were necessary to compensate for heat and being tired in general. Left ankle also started to hurt. Today (Sunday), I'm having a mild walking issue due to the same ankle.

Friday, May 12, 2006

"Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible."

This goes under, "Why I love Texas." While the rest of the Union debates the nuances of the Pledge of Allegiance, Texas has been pledging allegiance to its flag since 1933. Way cool.

How about this cool weather runners? Despite cooler morning yesterday, this runner was not able to get up early enough to enjoy it. To make up for that oversite, I ran in the evening. Apparently, it was steak night at the Choi residence, when I got home around 6:30PM, wife was trying to light the charcoal grill. I helped her ignite it, then went to change into my running outfit. After grilling the steaks for the family, I excused myself for a nice one hour run. Even though it was still 82 deg. F., the lack of humidity and constant breeze allowed fairly efficient body temperature management. I was a lot faster tonight. Perhaps knowing that there was a juicy steak and beer waiting for me was incentive enough for this middle aged body.


Distance: 7.55 miles
Pace: 8:38/mile
Shoes: 24.3 miles (Asics GT-2110)

I think this qualifies as the fasted paced 7.55 distance I've ever run. I seemed to have found another gear where I was able to maintain constant speed without too much strain. At least I didn't feel too strained. The heart told a different story. It was beating around 168 verses my normal 150. This all probably means I have to work on more aerobic conditioning if I want to run a much more faster long distance races this fall. Perhaps this is an extra incentive to join the Woodlands Fit group.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sands of Corpus

Early morning beach, Padre Island, near Corpus Christi.

Busy times continue. Even the weekends are packed with commitments and activities. The coolest thing we did on Sunday was to go crabbing at Bolivar Peninsula. Took off way early Sunday morning and got back in time to eat them crabs for lunch.

Not many fun runs unfortunately. Squeezed a very short 5K run Sunday evening and a 6 miler this morning.

The Usual Facts:
5K Fun Run:

Time: 27:09
Mile 1: 8:56
Mile 2: 8:52
Mile 3: 8:37
0.1: 0:43
Pace: 8:45/mile
Shoes: GT-2110, 10.7 miles
Comment: I still remembered how to negative split even though the time was way off from P.R.

6.07 Mile Fun Run

Time: 58:03
Pace: 9:33/mile
Shoes:€ GT-2110, 16.7 miles
Comment: Today was one of the most humid days of the year. I sweated profusely despite running at 6AM.

I hope everyone else's run training is going well. Mine sure could use a boost. I'm contemplating joining the Woodlands Fit group. The only thing holding me back right now is the fact that I might be out of town a lot during the summer. We'll see.

Happy concrete trails!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blur of a week

This week has been chugging along at a fast clip.
Packed schedule. Couldn't find time to run until Wednesday night.

Distance: 7.55 miles
Time: 1:10:17
Pace: 9:18/mile
Temp: 82
Shoes: 7.55 miles (Asics GT-2110)

Tired. I was tired. I had to drag myself out of the house. I finally broke out the new shoes. New running shoes are amazingly cushiony (is that a word?). Feet and ankles felt fine after the run. It seems my IT band pain is making a comeback. It didn't flare up during the run but I think I'm heading towards one again. Sigh.

Red eye. My right eye has been irritated since last weekend. I finally broke down and went to see my ophthalmologist. The same dude that lasiked my eyes 2 years ago. After much prodding, he told me he wasn't sure what was wrong with me. He says, sometimes, eyes just flare up for reasons unknown. He prescribed me $63 steroid drops to inhibit swelling. Great. Swelling is now down but the eye is still red. I have to go back next week. Crap.