Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Runners in Red Shirt

Several pics from the RTW race last Saturday (Courtesy of RTW and Jon Walk). I followed Rick Cook's red technical shirt to a P.R.

Tuesday Morning Run:

Another glorious running morning. Temps in the low 60's and comfortable humidity.

6.07 Miles: 55:12
Pace: 9:05/Mile

Asics Gel Kayano XI: 304.3 Miles

Nice and relaxing. Totally opposite of how I felt last week on the same route. Perhaps it was Fig Newtons I ate prior to the run.

On a musical note: I had a $25 Borders gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I finally cashed it by buying a couple of CD's. ABBA and Black Eyed Peas. My, my, how totally opposite can you get? I'm ripping both for myself and Allison's iPod.Posted by Picasa


WalkSports.com said...

Better than following Edwin's puke green shirt - as Lisa described it!

jamoosh said...

You look "fast"

atownrunner said...

To clarify - It was a green shirt that looked like a highliter threw up on it.