Saturday, April 08, 2006

Run The Woodlands 5K

First of all, Dirt Runner Rocks! He volunteered to pace me to a new P.R. He did and I got a new P.R!

This morning's temps were cool and dry. (Low 60's at race time?) Driving over, I felt today was going to be the last cool day in Houston for a long time. So this was going to be the last chance for a good fast 5K run.

My plan this morning was simple. Follow Mr. Dirtman's red shirt from start to finish. Every now and then, he'd look back and ask, "How're we doing?" I'd say, "huff! puff! Um... OK!..." I'd be thinking..."There are these dark spots forming at the edges of my vision.....hmmm, I guess I'll keep his red shirt in the center part of my vision.... :)

Actually, the run felt pretty good. I was pressing at the edges of my physical condition from start to finish and the pace seemed pretty good. This run felt easier than my last attempt at a P.R., probably because I only had to focus on running while Rick did the time management. He told me several times to focus on the cadence and rhythm.

Mile 1: 7:45
Mile 2: 8:10
Mile 3: 8:04
0.1 Mile: 0:44 (I was probably a few yards away from throwing up..)

Total: 24:44 P.R. BABY!

Pace: 7:58/Mile

Kayano Miles: 295.1


Barbara said...

That is so cool! Way to go Holden!!!

JoeC said...

Fast start, under 8min/mi avg pace, PR, life is good! said...

Congrats! I knew about your PR before I left to go do my race -- time difference and e-mail are wonderful things. :)

But Cook forgot to tell you that part of the deal is that he's already signed you up for RR 50 in February!

atownrunner said...

Dude, you're fast. Fo' rizzle.
congrats on the PR.

Dirt Runner said...

I had fun and anytime you want to push the number, let me know.

jamoosh said...

You da man! Congrats you fast dude, you. Or would that be Mr. Fast Dude to me...

word: yvpjcudy

Sarah said...


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

hey there....when are we going to go head to head again?! it sounds like it's about that time, Holden. you and me...RTW? let's find a good time and go for it! we are within reach of each other!!

Holden said...

Thanks for kind words everyone.

Jess, that sounds like a lot of fun although I think you are still much faster by far. I'm all for RTW.

JustJunebug said...

way to go there!!! and i completely understand about the almost throwing up thing...but you pushed through it :O)

wish you would have come and run with us!

Steve Bezner said...

I'll take some of that Run The Woodlands Action as well!


word verification: aafpq

jen said...

Congrats Holden!!!!! Yay!

I am very familiar with those black spots that form on the edges of vision. hee

7:58 mile?! Sheesh, all you fast people.... ;)

Joe said...

Nice PR. I haven't checked in in a while... is that the first sub 25:00 5k? Either way, mad props to you, Speedy.

Holden said...

Hi Joe!

Yes, this is my first sub 25 min. 5K.

Keith said...

Nice Race Holden.
Please Rock on.

uhfyzw - almost as good as one of edwin's word verification words.