Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Natural Bridge Caverns

If one's life's priorities are seen as a circle upon circle of activities (like a bulls eye target) with the most important functions in the center, you have the tendency of drawing towards the center as life becomes busier. In the core of this bulls eye would be the essential functions you must do to keep your life.. well, alive. This would be breathing, eating, sleeping etc. The next circle out would be your family and friends. The next one out, probably your work so that you can buy food and shelter etc. Well, for me, running has worked it's way pretty close to my core. However, due to lots of activities recently, I had to even forgo some of this running stuff.a convergence of multiple tasks and activities I had to complete, this running stuff has been ignored a little. This is a bad thing of course.

I took this picture inside the Natural Bridge Caverns last weekend doing touristy things with my in-laws. This was a hand held shot at ISO 400 with the shutter pressed between my breathing. It is pretty cool stuff. If you haven't been inside a cave, I strongly recommend it. Don't go if you are claustrophobic though.

Last Monday (24th) I was able to find about an hour's worth of time to go running. Unfortunately, it was around 6PM when the temp was still hovering around 88. Boy was it hot. I was on the verge of over heating. Still, I slugged it out. I had to. Too much pent up energy for not running at all during the weekend. I'm beginning to wonder if I've become addicted to running.

7.55 Mile Hot Run

Time: 1:13:10
Pace: 9:41.mile
Shoes: 328.5 miles, Asics, Kayano XI
Weight Differential: 4 lbs

Did I mention that it was hot? I lost 4 lbs in sweat.

The following day, (yesterday) I took a day trip to Chicago. When I got there, it was 39 degrees and sleeting and snowing. SNOWING!!! In freaking April!!! How cool is that?

Today, in the hopes of getting back into my running routine, I donned my Kayanos and went. Temperatures were much more agreeable that Monday. I think the starting temperature was 58. It was one of those runs where you feel you can run forever. Too bad my budgeted time doesn't allow forever.

7.55 Mile Fun Run

Time: 1:09:24
Pace: 9:11/mile
Shoes: 336.1 miles on Asics Gel Kayano XI

I think my shoes are nearing the end of their useful running life. I'm starting to feel a little stress in my ankle area, as if the shoe is not supporting my feet well. There are very sentimental shoes. Still, I suppose I should break out the new Asics GT-2110 I'd bought back in January.Posted by Picasa


Dave Smart said...

I've been somewhat in the same boat lately- too busy to run....but have sometimes beeen able to squeeze in a 1 or 2 miler as opposed to no run at all.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

My new pair of 2110's are awaiting for me to break them in when I get home!