Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Here is my antiPod I ordered from Buy.com today. It's a Sandisk Sansa M240 1GB flash unit. Review was so - so but how can you argue with $65 after $10 rebate (and free shipment) for a starter MP3 player? (Technically it will be a WMA player since I will be ripping in that format.) It comes with 20 preset FM stations and a small mic. If all else fails, I can use it as a flash memory unit.

Now I can really rock on - to Amadeus & Ludwig.


jamoosh said...

How about a little "Rock Me Amadeus" from Falco?

And if all else fails, you can record a "running" commentary.

I crack me up sometimes...

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Steve Bezner said...

I have an anti-pod Sandisk. Works great, but I may drink the kool-aid and go Apple!

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Holden said...

Well, Apple controls about 70% of the portable digital music business. Sandisk is now #2 with their line of Sansa's. How interesting.

Daughter: Apple iPod Nano 1GB
Dad: Sandisk Sansa m240 1GB

Daughter: Hip & cool
Dad: definitely unhip & uncool.

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Holden said...

Brilliant! I'll have to buy Rock me Amadeus!!!! Blast from the past!

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