Sunday, April 09, 2006

Making love to his tonic and gin

My MP3 player is not here yet. I marked off free shipment when I ordered it so it's probably on a USPS cart pulled by a donkey making it's way slowly from SoCal. However, I've now developed a new habit of listening to music on Windows Media Player while playing on my laptop. Looking at my newly developed play list, I see a strange swath of music. There's Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Dvorak, Eagles, Queen, Billy Joel, LeeAnn Rimes, Prince, Kenny G, Jewel, Jimmy Buffet, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, John Denver etc. There's no 21st Century music though. I should have ordered a player with a little bit more memory. I already amassed 1.58 Gigs of stuff. I guess I'll just have to cycle through some music. Now I understand why folks buy 30GB players.

Got a quick 5K run in this afternoon. I ran it in 27 minutes and change. It felt good to have a nice short relaxing run after yesterday's balls out effort. My muscles feel a lot better after this run. Almost like they're looser now.

My marathon Kayanos have now racked up 298.2 miles. They've been through a lot of important races with me. It's going to be hard throwing this pair out when the time comes. Running has become a big part of my life. It has a quality of predictable consistency that lacks in daily life's happenings. When things get slightly out of kilter, there is no finer therapy than sweating it out with a good run.

6 comments: said...

Bronze them.

Barbara said...

Definitely don't throw them out Holden! That's just wrong. I have something like 4 pairs of running shoes just in my office at work. I shudder to think how many I have at home.

Didn't you ever watch "Toy Story"? Those shoes are like toys - they have feelings too. They'll know it if you just toss them in the trash can like an old pair of flip flops.

Garou said...

Re: shoes. When my running shoes are "shot" (at least in terms of providing adequate cushioning for running), I still keep them around for a while as general sneakers. I clean them off, and wear them around the house, driving to the store, doing yardwork, and so forth. Eventually the soles fall off, and I have to get rid of them, but I hate doing it when they still look fairly decent.

Re: music. I think the songs that made the cut to my MP3 player are only about 850 meg worth, but it was a harsh cut. I fully understand your situation - too many good songs, not enough memory. I'm resigned to just rotating through the list, and periodically changing songs.

jen said...

I'm so happy to see another classical music fan. I haven't run to any classical, but biking through Terry Hershey Park while listening to Mozart is pretty nice. Oh, and John Denver rocks.

I've started creating different playlists for different runs - a 5K playliet, 10K, playlist for gym workouts, bike rides, etc. I arranged songs to (hopefully) coincide with the speed of the, the 10K playlist is about 70 minutes in length, and starts off with slower songs, then gradually increase in tempo/beat. I leave my favorite, bust-out-and-sing-along songs to the very end, when I know I need all the help I can get. :)

elf said...

Holden, you may know this already, but you can donate used running shoes for a number of causes. I know for sure that On the Run ( takes them and cleans them up for donation to a homeless program. You've gotten so much enjoyment out of them--maybe someone else can, too.

Congrats on the PR!


Sarah said...

I always take my old shoes to On The Run.