Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fun Run

Early morning beach shot.

Toe is recovering nicely. I could put the shoe on without too much pain. Thus, a short 5K run was in order. The weather turned much cooler this morning from yesterday so resistance was futile. Legs were full of pent up energy. I needed some relief.

Mile 1: 8:36
Mile 2: 8:40
Mile 3: 8:07
0.1 Mile: 0:39

Total: 26:03
Pace: 8:24/Mile
Kayano Miles: 282.8

Now, if I can run 64 seconds faster at the "Run The Woodlands 5K" this weekend, I'd be a happy runner. :)Posted by Picasa


Dirt Runner said...

Follow me and I'll get you your 64 seconds.

Holden said...

Cool! 24:59 is what I'm looking for Dirtman!