Monday, April 03, 2006

Corpus Christi

Hunter the pup trolling the beaches of Padre Island in Corpus Christi.

"Stupid is what stupid does." Yea. Friday afternoon, as we were packing for a weekend trip to Corpus, and as I was thinking about packing my running gear to run on the beach, I jammed my pinkie toe on the door ledge. I lost balance as I was stepping into the garage and somehow slammed the door on my toe. It was painful. Skin broke in 2 places and bled like crazy. Thank goodness the blood was on the garage floor and not on our carpet. First, I thought I broke a bone. Fortunately, it just swelled up like crazy. Unfortunately, it hurt like crazy and there was no way I could go running. So no beach running. Bummer.
Anyway, I substituted running with swimming today. Swam 1 mile in the pool. That's like 64 laps. It's no fun compared to running outside but hopefully I burnt some calories.

1 Mile: 42:36
Pace: 42:36/mile
Running shoes: none

Taking a page out of Jamoosh, listening to, "Tchaikoski's 1812 Overture."

Adventures in Parenting: For my daughter's 11th birthday, I asked her if she wanted a birthday party or, if she felt too old for that sort of thing, she could use the money budgeted for her birthday party to buy an expensive "toy." She quickly opted for an iPod and a small boombox for her room. So for the first time in my life, I went to the Apple Store in The Woodlands and bought an MP3 player (iPod Nano 1G). Since then, I've been on a crash course to understand MP3, WMA, codec, compression quality at 128kbps, 160 kbps, 64 kbps etc. Since then, I've been trying out the Windows Media Player and iTunes, different EQ settings, "ripping," etc. etc. Anyway, I've been having so much fun with it that I think I'm going to go buy one myself. I already ordered a good quality Sony ear buds for my laptop. Some old ones I had lying around just wasn't cutting it with sound quality. For my laptop, I've been ripping WMA files at 160kbps even though most web articles say 128kbps should be fine. Why? Because MSN Music Store sells their WMA files at 160kbps. Anyway, I'm looking at some Sandisk and Creative 1 gig flash models right now. Posted by Picasa


Dave Smart said...


Happy birthday daughter!!

BTW- Are you still planning to doe the CBI 'triathlon' in the woodlands?

Holden said...

I won't be entering CBI triathlon. I need a road bike and that cool looking runing/swimming/biking short. Plus, I'm still leery about swimming in Lake Woodlands.