Thursday, April 20, 2006

Busy busy

Life's a bit on the busy side this week. Out of town trips and various other commitments. In-Laws are also visiting from Korea. This morning's run was the first since Sunday.

6.07 Mile Fun Run:

Time: 56:07
Pace: 9:14/mile
Asics Gel-Kayano XI: 321 miles

Today's run was humid, humid, humid. I was sweating, sweating, sweating.

Looks like this weekend is also packed with activity starting with a photo shoot assignment Saturday morning to doing touristy things with my In-Laws in Austin and San Antonio for the remainder of the weekend. We're also planning to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns for some spelunking and the San Marcos Outlet Mall for shopping.

My Sandisk Sansa M240 has been traveling with me since I got it. I must say, it's cool to be traveling with over 200 songs in a small device. Way cool. For those of you that do a lot of air travel, get a pair of ear bud head phones that fit inside your ear canal. It's like putting on foam hearing protectors. It passively blocks out a bunch of noise without using noise canceling head phones. I only wish I could carry around a 1000 song library though. Heh.

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david said...

I did get noise cancelling headphones for my iPod. Air travel is much more joyful.