Friday, April 28, 2006

Alamo a la mode

Alamo during Sunday afternoon, April 23rd.

6.07 Mile Run

Time: 54:32
Pace: 8:59/mile
Shoe: 342.8 miles on Asics Gel-Kayano XI
Temp: Upper 60's & high humidity

Today, the legs were tired. The quads were sore, knee joints weak and my stomach muscles were in revolt from excess sit ups I did Wednesday night. So, to appease my angry body, I reduced the run from 7.55 miles to 6.07. However, I upped the speed slightly, coming in just under 9 minute pace.

I have 2 photo shooting assignments this weekend. That would make 3 shooting assignments in 2 weeks. Pretty cool. Posted by Picasa

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Dave Smart said...

Holden's Photo Album - I love the photo with your parents and son...I keep asking myself, what are the looking at?