Wednesday, April 05, 2006

6.07 miles of bleh

Not a good running day. Midway between mile 2 & 3, I just ran out of energy. I was hungry and craving some sweet stuff. I had to incorporate some serious walk breaks in this run after this point. My heart rate was also very high. It would go up to 180, near my max rate. I'm not sure what the issue was. Perhaps because I was not properly hydrated?

Miles: 6.07
Course: Home to Barb Elementary to Home.
Time: 1:05 ish. (I forgot to stop the watch)
Pace: 10:42/mile
Kayano Miles: 288.9

To make up for the dismal running performance, I went to the gym tonight to work on some weights and climb stairs. I'm feeling pretty tired right now.

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Anonymous said...


Very likely you're not yet recovered from Seabrook. It takes time, don't give it a second thought.