Friday, March 10, 2006

Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon

This photo is from the Seabrook Marathon site. It looks to be the start of the Marathon last year. Right in the middle of the picture is Steeeve of the Striders. Right next to him, wearing #118 is a friend of mine, Mike Waldau. Mike is an Ironman triathlete. He just qualified for Hawaii Ironman race this year. I hope I'm not breaking copyright laws by posting this here.


Sarah said...

It's a Karen photo. She shot this one last year (I helped) and will again this year. You should be fine since you said where it came from! :) I'll be shooting again for her this year.

Sarah said...

Oh, and funny -- I didn't know Steve at the time. Nor any of you guys. Isn't the internet great??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I LEAD this race for the first mile! Honest! Of course I was running the first leg of a relay.