Friday, March 24, 2006

Ice Cream Training

I rarely go out to eat ice cream. But in hopes of acclimating my stomach to the decadent cold creamy sweet stuff I expect to get at the Blue Bell Fun Run, I took my family to a new Italian gelato joint here in The Woodlands.

Piccomolo. Simply, YUM. Keith, I was thinking of you as I was delving into their decadent coffee and raspberry flavors. Moderation, schmoderation. I tried coffee, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, bubble gum and pecan flavors. They have a few locations around Houston so go and give it a try.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Oh, I love Blue Bell Ice Cream. The Birthday Cake flavor is my favorite.

Keith said...

Okay, if I try it, can I call you to come pick me up when I've eaten too much ice cream and can't walk and can't remember where I live?


Holden said...

Sure thing. Er, 555-1212.