Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yesterday, I went on a day trip to Cleveland, OH. Success of a day trip all depends on the on time departure and arrival of the outbound plane. Any extended delays during the outbound travel causes havoc to your well planned schedule.

Well, my 7AM flight to Cleveland started out well enough. The fully packed 737-500 pushed away from the gate on time. Unfortunately, some cockpit (It is now called "flightdeck." Apparently, the P.C. police had issues with the cock part of the COCKpit. Sigh.) electonics gear decided to malfunction just short of the runway. We had to turn back and return to the gate for a check-up. After about an hour of testing, the mechanics pronounced the problem fixed. After topping of the gas tank, we took off around 9 AM. Fortunately, I still had about 3 hours worth of productive time in Cleveland so all was well. No issues with the return flight except for some weather related delays. The flight was once again packed to the gills however. These day trips are very tiring.

Thursday AM fun run:

6.07 miles: 56.31
Pace: 9:18/mile
Kayano Miles: 279.7

It felt great to sweat off yesterday's travel related stress.

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Dirt Runner said...

My wife is heading home as we speak from Atlanta from a day trip. Up at 4:30 am home at 9:00 pm. Seems to me that it's just a bit more than a "day trip."

Dave Smart said...

Seems like a lot of travel today, I got another "driving" day trip to Rockport, TX and back. After missing 2 days, looking forward to a run in the AM.

Congrats on the Bluebell PR (the running part). With all these fast times I keep seeing from Holden and Rick, I am getting tempted to start a speedwork program....nothing fast running to get faster