Monday, March 27, 2006

HRB Monthly Meeting & Runs

Running wise, last weekend was a productive one. After experiencing some personal dissapointment at the Lucky Trails Marathon for not breaking a P.R., I was able to achieve one at the Blue Bell 10K. (Both ice cream eating and running.)

Then, last night, the club run at Memorial park was also a pleasant experience. I arrived early enough to run a loop by myself. Then, I ran the second loop with Jon, Keith, Joe and Jamoosh. Mrs. Jamoosh was also there but took off early on her run. BTW, good luck to the Jamooshes and Jan as they tackle the Big D this weekend. I enjoy hanging out with fellow runners, I kinda look forward to seeing them at races and at meetings. It's probably because I find most runners to have normal size ego's and are always ready to help out when help is requested. That and the fact that only runners understand the agony of running through the heat, the wall, the multiple injuries and going to bed early on Friday's so that you can get up way too early on a Saturday morning to go...running. This is true for Boston qualifiers to 7 hour marathon runners to 100 mile Ultra runners. Yea!

On to more running. I caught my wife going out this morning for her 5K run. Hah! So I quickly changed to follow her. I must say, the old body was a little cranky this morning from last night's run but still managed. It also felt great after this run.

Memorial Park Run:
2.9 Miles: 26.03 min., Pace: 8:58/mile
2.9 Miles: 28:59 min., Pace: 9:59/mile

5K Run:
Mile 1: 9:51
Mile 2: 9:00
Mile 3: 8:40
0.1 Mile: 0:38
Total: 28:10
Pace: 9:05/mile
Kayano Miles: 273.7

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