Saturday, March 25, 2006


Blue Bell 10K Fun Run:

While driving to Brenham at 5:30 AM, one ponders many things. Such as, why am I driving to a race when it is pitch black out? Why does my Friday night entail going to bed early and eating a healthy "appropriate" portion dinner? Why does my outside temp gauge in my car read 32 deg. F?

My goal for the Blue Bell was to pace myself. I would go through the ice cream line and pick up one ice cream bar at a time. To effect continuity, I would immediately get back in line while eating the ice cream. Alas, the excitement of the moment precluded me from taking it easy in the beginning so that I could negative split. I picked out 2 ice cream bars, wolfed one down and ate the second one in line. I then picked out one bar to eat during my second stop and proceeded to pick out one more the next time. Over extending during the first stop made me hit the wall during the fourth ice cream. I think this is technically called "glycogen overload" where too much glycogen starts to become toxic to the body. When one is not careful at this moment, you will hurl.

Thus, my attempt to break John Yoder's 7 ice cream P.R. was unsuccessful.

Next Race: RTW 5K on second Saturday of April.

Rock On!!!

p.s. The 10K run was pretty cool to. I managed to P.R. this baby as the weather conditions were perfect by race time. Starting with running down hill allowed me to set a proper pace. My goal was to run a consistent 9 minute mile which I failed to do at the Bayou City Classic.

Mile 1: 8:22
Mile 2: 8:39
Mile 3: 9:10
Mile 4: 9:02
Mile 5: 8:48
Mile 6.2: 10:24 (There was no marker for mile 6)

Total: 54:29 (Prev. time: 57:57, 9:20 pace)
Pace: 8:47/mile

Kayano Miles: 264.8

Jamoosh passed me as I crested the last hill. Good job! Once again, the HRB'ers were out in force today. Jon, EQ, Cassie, Waverly, Mrs. Jamoosh and James Dykas.

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mr. jamoosh said...

The wall at four. That is too funny. BTW Mrs. Jamoosh is Jaclyn!

JoeC said...

You'll have to send me some training tips. Frozen yogurt is not doing it for me and my speed training at Baskin Robbins is going nowhere. Congrats on your PR double (scoop) in 10k and ice cream.

atownrunner said...

Way to go on the PR on those tough hills. I have no chance of hanging with you, Cassie and Waverly in the ice cream contest. I bow to your awesome ice cream eating abilities.

Jill said...

When I did this last year I could not even fathom ice cream after my run, so I started off with a popsicle. Then it was time for ice cream! Had two - wanted more, but I had a 35 mile bike ride to go on (was training for a tri with TNT) and I didn't want to get sick!!

jen said...

Did they have any sorbet or non-dairy desserts? If so, I would have been all over it. ;)

jen said...

btw - CONGRATS on your PR!!!!!!!!!

Holden said...

They had one twisty non-dairy ice cream.