Friday, March 10, 2006

5K Fun Run with Fran

I wasn't planning on running today but how can I resist when Fran asks?

Run Synopsis:

3.1 Miles: 26:38 (8.35/mile pace)
Kayano Miles: 212.6

During the last half mile, I ran as fast as I could. My heart rate at the end of the run was 180. My typical rate at the end of run is 150. I hope I have enough stamina to post a decent time at the 10K tomorrow. I'm shooting for 55 minutes.

Fran finished in 27:07. This is her fastest time yet. She is getting faster every week. Still insists that 5K is the farthest she will run. Posted by Picasa

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Ddot the King said...

I hate running!!! Keep up the good work!