Saturday, February 11, 2006

Surfside Beach Half Marathon

First of all, I would like to thank the gracious hosts for putting on a great event. Everyone was very courteous and helpful, from the water station volunteers to BBQ staff. Great show everyone!

WIND CHILL. After leaving Chicago for warm and humid Houston, I thought I was forever done with wind chill factors. Wrong. It reared it's ugly head today in Surfside. As I run more races, I seem to experience all sorts of weather conditions. From hot to cold, from humid to dry, and as experienced today, wind gusts.

My hats off to Jon Walk, our resident Energizer Bunny, he just runs and runs. He ran NOLA marathon last weekend and here he was running yet another marathon today.

Run Synopsis:

Mile 1: 9:13 Right behind Bezner
Mile 2: 9:11 Bezner slowly pulling ahead
Mile 3: missed the split
Mile 4: 18:38 (mile 3 & 4 combined) Turn around point, right into headwind
Mile 5: 9:44 Caught up to Bezner, as he was having an equipment malfunction. I run over to my car and tie my wind breaker onto the side view mirror. Wind breaker was acting as a sail and keeping me off balance
Mile 6: 9:35 Head wind sucks, wind going right to my bone. Brrrr!
Mile 7: 9:49 Head wind sucks...starting to see leaders of Half Marathon heading back
Mile 8: 9:37 Head wind sucks, where the heck is the turn around?
Mile 9: 9:45 Turn around!
Mile 10: 10:04 Ahhh, wind is now mostly on my back
Mile 11: 9:23 Cruise control
Mile 12: 9:11 Just running, running..
Mile 13: 9:05 I think I see the finish, picking up a notch
0.1 Mile: 1:13 Sprint to the end.

Total: 2:04:35 (Timex time)

The camber was not bad. In fact, I think Houston Marathon had worse cambered streets. Pain has been non-existent today. Not even a blister. I seem to do well on softer surface. Perhaps Dalton is right. Maybe I should try trail running. Thinking very hard about entering the Big D Marathon in April now.

My running goals:

5K: Break 25 minutes.
10K: Haven't run one yet but hoping for sub 1 hour time. I have Bayou City Classic and Blue Bell 10K coming up shortly.
13.1: Break 2 hours.
26.2: Break 5 hours.


Mike said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Holden, you are too kind, as always. Congratulations! I am extremely happy about the performance that you turned in today.

Let me state that I would not recommend to anyone what I attempted to do the past 7 days. There's a tendon in my upper left ankle that has some limited range of motion right now. Otherwise, I'm fine, but doing what I did is not advisable.

If you are going to do Big D, get some hill training in and see if you can talk to Vincent Attanucci of The Woodlands (or Jim Braden), who does RTW and qualified for Boston at White Rock. I can put you in touch with him if you'd like.

atownrunner said...

Great run today! Way to go on that PR!!!

Barbara said...

Holden, a 10k is easily within your grasp with those splits. It was great to see you yesterday!

Dave Smart said...

Solid performance. Great job on the PR....but don't improve too quickly or I'll fall farther behind :) Wow, no joint pain, too.

Dirt Runner said...

nice race Holden.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

congrats Holden. I like the reference to Jon as the "Energizer Bunny!" very fitting

Anonymous said...

Hey Holden,

You beat your USA 10 miler time by 10 minutes, not too shabby.