Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Memorial Park Redux

My struggles to run a marathon must have influenced my wife. She has been running more lately, and now can run continuously for 5K. Well, with a 20% New Balance coupon burning a hole in my pocket, we went down to Memorial Park around lunch time, ran the course (this time, finding the 3 mile marker and the start point) and ran together. I was doing pacing duties, staying slightly behind her, giving her distance and time updates. We completed the loop in 29:12. I was actually impressed. That would beat my 5K time I recorded back in November of 2004.

After quickly finishing a banana each, we headed over to Post Oak New Balance store and got her fitted. At the store, Fran was diagnosed with a very mild overpronation and prescribed neutral cushioned shoes. She swears she's not interested in anything other than running 5K distances. My words exactly when I started running. LOL.

BTW, I was doing some advertising and wearing the HRB shirt.

Kayano Miles: 154.3


jen said...

lol - yeah, yeah 'just a 5K' - next thing, we'll hear that you and Fran are training for another marathon! :)

Welcome to the 'club' Fran! :) said...

Let's go Fran! Let's go Fran!

And no Lance, we're not talking about Franchione either!

Just make her debut 5K Run The Woodlands is all I ask!

Sarah said...

"Just a 5K." LOL.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

it always starts with "just a 5k"

Holden may need to upgrade to a family membership :)

Dave Smart said...

Great job Fran! Wishing you many "5K" races in your future!