Sunday, February 19, 2006

Keep Right

Despite unseasonably cold weather (I mean, how often does the temp needle not get out of the 30's during day time in Houston?), I found an hour and a half of idle time while taxiing kids around (They are practicing for D.I. [Destination ImagiNation] tournament which is next weekend). The practice was taking place close to the YMCA so after dropping off the kids, I took off on a 6 mile route that I mapped out on Gmaps Pedometer.

Distance: 6 Miles
Time: 57.42

Kayano Miles: 186.8

Unlike yesterday, the run felt good all the way. I wore 2 technical shirts and some old socks for gloves. It is true. As long as your hands feel warm, I think the rest of the body can handle the cold. Hot shower at the Y after the run was devine.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!Posted by Picasa

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Dave Smart said...

On Sunday I ran past a couple of low hanging branches with several picturesque buds just breaking through the tips of the twigs, I wonder if they were as chilly as I felt...