Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jones State Park Trail

Saturday Night Special: 7.34 Mile Wet & Fun Run.

I missed RTW 5K yesterday morning. I was up in Willis, TX, volunteering for Destination ImagiNation regional tournament. Actually, for my kid's team to compete, the tournament requires at least two parents to volunteer at the tournament. Good news is that Allison's team won their division and Alex's team came in 3rd. So both came home with a medal, and Allison's team now will compete in Corpus Cristi for State Tournament next month.
As for me, I got home late in the afternoon and despite lousy weather, I decided to go for a run. (I read in Runner's World that when you feel the least like running is when you should actually go running.) After mapping out a nice course that started from my house to most of RTW 5K course and back to the house on the gmaps pedometer, I went. Cool thing is, I really did not feel like running. I just wanted to take a hot shower and just watch the Olympics. 1 mile into the run though, I was so glad I was running and found energy that I did not have 10 minutes ago. This despite light & heavy rain through the run.

Fun facts:

Water puddles splashed: 4
Dryness factor: Zero, wet to the bone
Distance: 7.34 miles
Total elapsed time: 1:10:04
Speed: 9:32/mile
Kayano Miles: 203.3

Hot and long shower after the run was once again divine.

Congrats to my fellow Woodlands runner David Smarts who again ran sub 25 minute 5K at the RTW race. Congrats to all HRB'ers who ran the Rodeo 10K. Hope Y'all had fun!Posted by Picasa

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