Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cold 9 Miles

It was really crispy this morning. I put on a long sleeve and a windbreaker to keep warm. I should have also brought out socks to cover the hands because I started to lose some feeling in them by the second mile. I knew it was cold too because the water I was carrying got colder and colder until it felt like I just took it out of the fridge. I guess that wasn't too far off because the temp couldn't have been more than 40. Things got much better when the sun came out but that only happened during the last 2 miles.


Mile 1: 10:34 Very cold and stiff
Mile 2: 10:14 Getting a little warmed up
Mile 3: 10:24 Finally broke a little sweat
Mile 4: 10:38 Hands are still very cold
Mile 5: 10:15 Starting to feel better
Mile 6: 9:38 Warm enough to think about taking the windbreaker off
Mile 7: 10:25 Windbreaker comes off
Mile 8: 9:41
Mile 9: 9:33

Total: 1:31:25

Kayano Miles: 148.3

Overall, I liked this morning's run. If it wasn't for Sunday church service, I think I could have run at least 6 more miles without much discomfort.

Why the flag you ask? I was trying out a zoom lens (EF 75-300 f4-5.6 III USM) set at maximum length, which on 10D translates to 480 mm.


Lisaleese said...

With a zoom lens like that, I assume you have to use a tripod or monopod?


Holden said...

Hi Lisa!

No pod were used. To compensate for camera shake on a windy day, I set the shutter speed at 1/2000. (f/5.6 at ISO 200)