Thursday, February 23, 2006

Anadarko Tower & Clouds

6.07 Mile Fun Run:

I'm having lots of fun with the Gmaps Pedometer lately. (Poor man's Garmin/Pedro).

Last night I mapped out a course that took me from my house to Bush Elementary School (site of the Run The Woodlands 5K). Running without worrying about splits might be bad training but it is a lot more pleasant on the holistic well being of one self. I activated the timer feature on my Ironman to beep every 10 minutes. This reminder allowed me to take a drink and also acted to serve as a loose mile marker.

Left knee and right ankle was bothering me this morning. Both were new pain I have not experienced before. Never a dull moment.

Temp: 50's
Elapsed time: 55:06
Kayano Miles: 196

Once again, Fran beat me out the door. She ran my 5K neighborhood course. Today she clocked in at 28:47. This woman is flying. She still insists 5K is the max distance she is willing to run.
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Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

are you not running the Rodeo run this weekend? hope to see you.

Holden said...

Hi Jess,

No, unfortunately, I have a commitment at Willis I cannot get out of. I'm running the Bayou City Classic and the Blue Bell Fun Run in March though.


jen said...

Hey -
This is what I get for being out of the blogging loop for so long - when did you change your website template? :) Anyways, see you at the Bayou City Classic! I'll be running in costume. And congrats on your new running partner! Yay for fast Korean women! (I hope to be one someday. Fast, that is).


Holden said...

Hi Jen! Changed it couple of weeks ago. It seems to make the photos look nicer. See you at the Bayou 10K. I guess I'll bring my camera to record all of you running in costumes.