Sunday, February 26, 2006

5K run with Fran

Fran and I ran this afternoon. The weather was too gorgeous not to go running. She feels too pressured if I run besides her so I let her set the pace by running a few steps behind her.

Mile 1: 9.33
Mile 2: 8:48
Mile 3: 9:04
0.1 Mile: 0:50

Total: 28:16
Pace: 9:07/Mile
Kayano Miles: 206.4

Yet another P.R. for Fran. (What have I created? FRANkenstein?)

Perhaps I should look for a March Sunday 5K race for her to run in. I wonder how she'd do in race conditions.Posted by Picasa


jen said...

Yay Fran!!

How about the Houston Humane Society 5K Fun Run on Sunday, March 19th? The theme is Mardi Paw-ty - cute, huh? Plus, you, Fran and the kids can bring the puppy! said...

There's also one on Sunday, the 26th too.