Sunday, January 22, 2006

Running in the Rain

Did two cool exercise related things this weekend. Allison had a basketball game in the afternoon. The game was 6 miles away from the house. So, being inspired by our resident blogger, Joe "ihaterunning" Breda, I biked over. Watched the game and then biked back. Boy the quads were still on fire.

Today was (and still is) a little yuckie outside. It has been raining all day. Despite feeling "bleh" and with a mild headache, I changed into my running duds and headed out. It was kind of cold and breezy, and even with my long sleeve running shirt, I felt I needed some extra protection. So, I go back inside and grab my fancy HMSA 25K navy blue wind breaker. I was the only runner out there. How surprising. The start was a little cold and yuckie but 5 minutes into the run, it was a lot of fun, splashing the water with every step. The only bad part was during the last mile when I saw lighting strikes. My body automatically kicked into high gear and I ran home as fast as possible.

Run synopsis:

Mile 1: 9:42
Mile 2: 8:58
Mile 3: 8:21
0.1 Mile: 0:40

Total: 27:43

Kayano Miles: 120.9

Another nice negative splitting. The legs felt light today with none of the "heavy" feeling. It looks as if the 12 mile bike ride from yesterday helped me out.

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Dave Smart said...

You got brave. Luckily dad got his run in before the rains hit. Afterwards was going to take my boys fishing...but the lightning and persistent rain told us no. Instead, we headed to the Sundale Donuts on HWY 242-- they are so friendly there, we had a great time eating colaches and apple fritters, minus the fishing.