Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Recovery run #2

While my fellow HRB'ers are engaging in "tapering," I have been busy re-racking up the miles. Tonight was a success. I got in 12 miles without any pain or too much fatigue. I employed walk breaks at the end of each mile which worked wonders for me. I thought about getting in another 3 miles but with the time fast approaching 8 PM and not having eaten anything since 2 PM, I was getting mighty hungry. It seems that the flu has done wonders for my ITBS. No pain during the last 2 runs.

Run Synopsis:

Mile 1: 9:24
Mile 2: 9:21
Mile 3: 10:28
Mile 4: 11:18
Mile 5: 10:00
Mile 6: 10:25
Mile 7: 12:07
Mile 8: 10:49
Mile 9: 11:11
Mile 10: 13:24
Mile 11: 11:35
Mile 12: 11:12

Total: 2:11:19

Total Kayano miles: 76.3

It appears the times are all over the place. I wasn't too concerned about the time, I was totally concentrating on getting the miles in. Side bar note, The Woodlands can look mighty spooky late at night with them tree branches and lots of shadowy hiding places. Holy crap.

Ready or not, I'm tapering. Can't wait to eat up and meet up two Fridays from now.

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