Friday, January 13, 2006

Left Knee, Right Ankle

So it's now Friday. I must have ran in my sleep 'cause when I got out of bed, I noticed that my left knee had a mild swelling and the right ankle felt funny. Perhaps too much inactivity? Not wanting to take chances, I ice the left knee and take Aleve. Sigh.

I'm hoping to be at the GRB by 3 PM today to hang out. Drink in the atmosphere. Savor the moment. Then off to Carbo dinner. I'll post my cell number on the other site if anyone besides Jon is going to be there today.

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lisaleese said...

Looking at your previous posts.. I'll share one of my pre-marathon rituals..

The night before the marathon, I lay out everything I will need: not folded up.. all laid out nicely, side by side. That's my shirt/shorts (or tights), race number, pins, shoes, socks, Body Glide, sunscreen, watch, Livestrong band, hat and rubber band for my hair, bag for bag check, Powerbar (always eat two of those suckers about two hours before the race), GU if I'm going to take it, keys to my car if I'm driving, sandals or other shoes to change into after I finish..