Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Want To Be A 0.15 Percenter

Excerpt from February 2006 edition of Runner's World:

Dear Miles,
What percentage of the population attempts and finishes a marathon? - Karen L., Columbus, SC.

While it is hard to say how many started, an estimated 423,000 people finished marathons in the United States in 2004, according to the Road Racing Information Center Annual Marathon Report. With a population of about 280 million, that comes out to about 0.15 percent of the population-though it's likely a much smaller percentage when you consider that many of those finishers ran multiple marathons. So when you finish your next 26.2 miler, give yourself an extra pat on the back.

There is only 7 days left for the big M. I want to be a 0.15 percenter. As of right now, the weather channel is forecasting 71 high, 52 low for next Sunday. Things can change of course. 65 high and 52 low will be perfect for me.

I went for a nice 6 mile run this afternoon. The weather was gorgeous.

Mile 1: 9.43
Mile 2: 9:55
Mile 3: 9:56
Mile 4: 10:14
Mile 5: 10:10
Mile 6: 10:07

Total: 1:00:08

Kayano Miles: 85.4

Did I mention 0.15%?


Keith said...

Good stats.

I wonder what the percentage is when you consider what percentage will run a marathon in their whole lives, not just one year.
My guess is it's probably still below 1%.

Rock on Holden. Good luck on Sunday.

Sarah said...

Wow, that is such a small number! Feels good to be a part of that. You'll know the feeling after Sunday, woohoo! I signed up to track you once I finish the Half. :)