Monday, January 02, 2006

First run of 2006

I'm finally cured! I also had a case of stomach virus put in for good measure but in the end, I survived. Unfortunately, I have not been able to run since the 30K. More on that later. Now for important news.

I bought a pair of size 32 jeans right after Christmas fits! Its not even a tight fit. Ha! So I started 2005 bulging out of size 36 and now I fit well into size 32's! How cool is that? I haven't worn 32's since 1984, my freshman year in College. A few days ago, I also recorded my lowest weight since my junior year in high school. 171.6 lbs.

Back to the run. I finally felt good enough to run yesterday but was a little leary about how well I'd be. So, I prepared enough water and food for about 21 miles and decided to let my body tell me how much I should run. That ended up being 9 miles in 1:48 (Kayano miles: 64.3). I was starting to feel muscle fatigue by the end of mile 3. So, either the muscles are still recovering or I'm already losing fitness from not running for 3 weeks. Not too encouraging.

So, I think I'm going to try for one more long run tomorrow and then take it easy. No sense in trying to cram anything now. I guess the flu's timing was pretty bad. But then again, I guess it is better than getting it during the marathon week.

I'm going to be needing my fellow HRB'ers for all their support during the marathon.

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Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

i will be there for you. i admire that you still want to run this can do it though. you are strong and we as HBR's are strong too:) I'll look for you around mile 21. (but I hope i see you before the race too!)