Friday, January 06, 2006

Cold Morning 5K

I received the promised polo shirts from the folks at the Surfside Beach Marathon/half Marathon for signing up early. It is a really handsome looking shirt that I don't mind wearing as a business casual attire. So, if the Houston Marathon doesn't cripple me, I shall be on the beach to run a leisurely half marathon.

I also received an email from Harra regarding the Lucky Trails Marathon on March 19th. I am contemplating running this rather than the Little Rock race. Decisions, decisions.

I went for a quick 5K tune up run this morning. It was crisp and on the chilly side. I wore the wind breaker I got at the HMSA 25K to keep warm.
The pace was slow, finishing the run in 30:30. I am resisting buying gloves. The hands were very cold and stiff this morning.

I am setting 5 hours as my marathon target. Hopefully, I can make it. Long range forecast still shows highs in the 70's. If so, the second half of the marathon is going to be on the warmer side of comfortable for me.

Kayano Miles: 79.4


Steve Bezner said...

I'm really considering running this race. Do you know when the early registration closes to get the shirts?


Sarah said...

I did the Seabrook relay with 3 friends last year. It's a fun, small race.

Anonymous said...

Buy the gloves! Buy the gloves! It's amazing that keeping your hands warm keeps your whole body warm. The other neat trick is to buy a pair of tube socks, cut a hole in the end and wear them as arm warmers until it gets to warm, then sling them to an unsuspecting admirer in the crowd.

Cheers, Steeeve

Holden said...

SB, I believe the early registration is over but I'm not 100% sure. Ed Quarles, the runner coming out of his premature retirement probably has the answer.

Steve Bezner said...

Unsupsecting admirer of tube socks!

Now that's funny.

Scott said...

Gloves are good! I wore them the entire 30k and they made a huge difference. Good luck!!!