Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday Run

As we approach the winter solstice, the shortest "light" day of the year, it is becoming much more difficult to go for a run after work. Today was one of those days. Once I ensconced myself into the woods of The Woodlands, the clock approached 6:30. It was already pitch black. My desire to run went from gung-ho at 5PM to possibly skipping the run.....

I had to really drag my rear end out tonight. Thankfully, by the first half mile, I was glad I did. With the stars guiding me, I really enjoyed my 5K run even if they were really "junk" miles as I did absolutely no "pushing" of the limits.

Running data:

Mile 1: 9:40
Mile 2: 9:07
Mile 3: 8:59
0.1 Miles: 0:46

Total elapsed: 28:34

Kayano miles: 30.7

On the 3rd mile, I did partially step off the concrete pavement and kind of rolled the left ankle. So far, no swelling or pain so I must assume no damage was done.

1 comment:

lisaleese said...

Eyaaaaahhhhhhh! I've twisted my ankle so many times running I always worry I'm really going to hurt that sucker. But - to steal a bad line from the Exorcist.. speaking to your ankle...

"The power of the Kayano commands you!"

Your ankle will not be hurt!