Thursday, December 15, 2005

John Walk makes it into Houston Chronicle

Jon Walk is going places and hopefully taking us bloggers with him on his coattail. Check out this article from the Sports section of today's Houston Chronicle.


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

he hasn't even mentioned in his blog yet! good eyes, Holden!
-jessica said...

Nah ... I actually found out that Roberta MacInnis of the Chronicle reads my blog too. :)

We communicated via e-mail because my original post had 4 runners doing the local double and it turned out only three did. So I e-mailed her in case she decided to use the e-mail that I sent her from before.

Again, my hobby is sports information (and if it made it in the paper without my name .. my day would have been made!)


Steve Bezner said...

We can all say we knew Jon before he made it big!

I'm sure he'll remember his bloggers from the good ol' days. (wink,wink)

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

oooh check that out!!!