Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Out for the count

The sore throat extended itself into sniffles which turned into sore joints which turned into general unwellness. I received a flu shot back in October in hopes of avoiding the flu during the marathon training. So much for that plan.
I hope this clears up soon. I feel like a bloated beached whale, unable to move, dying ever so slowly......

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sore throat

I felt recovered enough on Wednesday that I went to the gym early for a 30 minute swim. I was able to cover 1 K in 31 minutes. So it was nice and leisurely. Silly me. In the evening, I went back to the gym and worked on my weight training and stretching. I was planning for an hour and since I finished my routine in 50 minutes, I tried the stairmaster for 10 minutes. On Cassie's recommendation, I'm trying my darnest to try every glute exercise I can get my buns on.

As it turns out, that over indulgence yesterday might have been in poor judgment. I got up this morning to a sore throat. As I'm typing this, the whole body seems to be aching. Hmmm. Cold? A flu? Either way, if these symptoms don't improve by tomorrow morning, I will have to kiss the 21 mile long run this Saturday good bye. Oh well.

John Walk makes it into Houston Chronicle

Jon Walk is going places and hopefully taking us bloggers with him on his coattail. Check out this article from the Sports section of today's Houston Chronicle.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Houstonian Lite 30K Race Report

It was dark and a little cold at the start. The temperature hovered in the low 40's with a 10 MPH breeze. After locating the chip desk, Dave Smart and I headed right into the lobby of the Marriott Hotel, not to emerge until 15 minutes to gun time to go back to the car to shed all additional clothing.

I was worried about the knee again and wondered how long it would last before the pain. Not too long as it turned out.

At the start area, the bloggers congregated again. I saw, Joe Breda, Jon Walk, Jennifer Kim and David Smart. After as much laughter and shivering one can squeeze into 10 minutes, the gun went off and off went the runners. 18.6 Miles. Eeeck!

Mile 1: 10:22
Mile 2: 10:21
Mile 3: 10:07
Mile 4: 11:17 Knee pain starts
Mile 5: 13.04
Mile 6: 11:59
Mile 7: 11:48
Mile 8: 11.02
Mile 9: 11:03
Mile 10: 10:20
Mile 11: 11:34
Mile 12: 12:26
Mile 13: 12:34
Mile 14: 11:40 Met up with Vic Kaiser as he was trolling for injured runners...
Mile 15: 13:37
Mile 16: 12:03
Mile 17: 12:56
Mile 18: 14:18
0.6 Miles: 7:51

Total: 3:40:31

Elapsed Kayano Miles: 55.3

So the infamous knee pain through the way of ITB showed up at mile 4. I ran with Jon during the first 3 miles but I could not keep up anymore. First I started to seek relief by stretching every time the pain came back. But stretching in that cold weather did not seem to help too much. Eventually, I had to resort to walking "off" the pain and run until the pain was unbearable again. So the walk run cycle continued all the way to the end. As my strategy changed, my goal changed with it. Instead of running 10 minute paces, I was hoping for better than 13.5 minute pace as this would allow me to finish the run in regulation. So I made sure I ran enough between mile markers to keep myself under 13.5 minutes.

Quad cramps. The cramps started to show during the last lap. I could not shake it off. None of the stretching helped. So I had to walk this off also. Fortunately, walking did relieve the cramping and I was able to resume the run walk routine until on the way back to the finish area. The cramps got persistent. Regardless, not wanting to walk it in, as soon as I was on the shopping mall property, I ran it in. I gritted and ran the last half mile.

Kudos to the Houston Striders again. They had the best water stop in my opinion. Of course, it helped that Jessica and Cassie was cheering me on and on and on (yes, 3 times!! LOL). I know running was hard enough but I was wondering whether standing in that cold weather for 4 hours and getting splashed with water and Gatorade was harder. Thanks for the great support Striders!

Food! I was offered orange slices, chocolates, Clif bars, Carb Booms! and cookies. What a well supported race. Kudos to the organizers of the 30K, this race was very well managed. The t-shirt and the medal design was very nicely done. Again, big thanks!

So, where does this leave me for the Marathon? I am discouraged by the physical condition of my right knee. I don't think I have enough time to heel them properly. I think the best thing I can do for myself now is to take a 2 week rest from running and try a long 21 mile run. Then, I will rest up again for another 2 weeks and then run the marathon. If the pain persists, I think I can employ the same tactic and still finish in regulation. It won't be a fast time, but it will be a finisher's time non the less.

Saturday, December 10th

I opted out of the RTW 5K run. I had not run since the 6 mile run and had only done weight training and lap swims. I wanted to run but I was quite certain that the knee needed as much rest as possible before the long run.

I did go to the run to cheer on my fellow bloggers. After that, thanks to Jon Walk, we had a blast at his house not too far away. We have a very diverse group of runners in the HRB and I I look forward to every meeting we have. Going to races now is a lot of fun for me because I know I will meet up with fellow bloggers to support and cheer each other on.

December 4th Run

Foremost, I apologize for not updating this blog. I have not run much since the last entry in hopes of resting the right leg's ITB. However, I must now update the two runs I've had since the last entry.

I did my final run before the 30K last Sunday. I did not preset the distance except to run as far as possible before the knee pain started. It turned out to be 6 miles. So, depressingly, I only put in 6 miles, despite the fact that I had enough water and food prepared for an 18 miles run. LOL.

Time: About 1 hour.

Elapsed Kayano miles: 36.7

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday Run

As we approach the winter solstice, the shortest "light" day of the year, it is becoming much more difficult to go for a run after work. Today was one of those days. Once I ensconced myself into the woods of The Woodlands, the clock approached 6:30. It was already pitch black. My desire to run went from gung-ho at 5PM to possibly skipping the run.....

I had to really drag my rear end out tonight. Thankfully, by the first half mile, I was glad I did. With the stars guiding me, I really enjoyed my 5K run even if they were really "junk" miles as I did absolutely no "pushing" of the limits.

Running data:

Mile 1: 9:40
Mile 2: 9:07
Mile 3: 8:59
0.1 Miles: 0:46

Total elapsed: 28:34

Kayano miles: 30.7

On the 3rd mile, I did partially step off the concrete pavement and kind of rolled the left ankle. So far, no swelling or pain so I must assume no damage was done.

Houstonian Lite 30K

The race packet finally arrived yesterday. I was getting a little worried since race day is less than 2 weeks away. Looking forward to seeing y'all (gosh, I can't believe I'm actually using this Texan phrase) at the RTW and at the 30K.