Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Saturday Long Run

It was a rainy day for a change. Nice temps also. I wasn't able to make it to Tour de Memorial hosted by the Striders. I didn't even make it to the RTW race. However, after taking care of some personal things that has been festering for a while, I was able to get a break in the weather and from personal schedule to get on a run. It was already 3:30 PM when I headed out the door with 4 water bottles, 2 small packs of Gummy bears and 2 packs of Carb Boom! I figured if I got in all 18 miles, it would be 6:30 PM and very dark.

Unfortunately for me, the right knee pain manifested itself around mile 8 and got worse. So I quit at mile 9 and went home. Good thing too as the family was invited to a dinner that evening.

Run Synopsis:

Mile 1: 9:37 Started too fast
Mile 2: 9:36 Still too fast
Mile 3: 9:53 Getting around to mile 10 min. mile pace
Mile 4: 10:51
Mile 5: 10:05
Mile 6: 10:13
Mile 7: 11:19 First sign of pain, stretching started
Mile 8: 12:31
Mile 9: 12:35

Miles on the Kayano: 24.5

On the positive side, I was not at all tired after 9 miles. If it wasn't for the pain, I think I could have gone all the way.

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