Friday, November 18, 2005

Lap Dawg

I'm in the process of using all my "Use it or lose it" vacation I have left for 2005. My first day back to work will be November 30th.

After helping with getting kids off to school, I packed my gym bag for lap swim at the Y. At around 8 AM, the Y is pretty empty. I was the only lap swimmer and shared the pool with a bunch of energetic seniors doing water aerobics.

Distance: 1 Mile
Time: 42:27

My elapsed time for the mile swim is getting quicker. It is also aerobically easier for me to swim a mile. My cardio system must be getting better and better with the longer runs I've been putting myself through.

Now I am going to meet a friend at Starbucks for lunch at 11:30 AM. What a life style.


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

ok I am *so* jealous of your time off!!! I have no time left :(


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

i wish i had 'use it or lose it.' glad to see you are back in the swing of it!

Sarah said...

I never ever have Use or Lose Leave. I'm the one who always gets to the end of the year with barely enough vacation to even go home for Christmas! I just travel too much. ;)

lisaleese said...

Y... M.... C... A!

Sing it, Holden!