Monday, November 14, 2005

HMSA 25K Race Report & Congrats to Jessica on her hardware!!!

3:02:30. My Timex time for the HMSA 25K run. (Gun time: 3:03:18 at 11:47/M pace) I ran the 20K race in October at 2:09. So how did I eat up 54 additional minutes to go another 5K? I suppose this is why running is never dull. No race is the same. Even if it is the same race, same course but on a different day, you can have a very different result at the end. I felt good and strong at the 20K. I was looking for almost any excuse to not run the 3rd loop at the 25K. Heat and humidity. Need I say more? Interestingly, the heat and humidity kind of crept up to you. During the first loop, the downtown skyscrapers kept the course under shadows and made running quite pleasant. By the second loop though, the shadows disappeared and we were running under full sunlight. This is where my race management went bad. I should have tried to adapt to this new condition and slowed down. But, I kept going at the same pace. I cruised during the first 6 ~ 8 miles or so, clocking around 10:00/M pace. Then a sudden wall. The second loop’s sun/heat caught up to me. It started to get bad on the back end of the second loop. By the time I entered loop 3, I was craving salty food pretty badly. I was desperate for some full strength Gatorade. But alas, even the watered down version at the water stations were out of it through out the 3rd loop! Arghhh. Luckily, I had an emergency Carb Boom! Pack left in my trusty Nike shorts.

I’m not sure how I finished the 3rd loop, but I know it was a combination of walking, running and sucking down as much water as I could. Also, I wanted to get to the last turn around point to see if Lisa was still there, hootin’ and hollerin’ at the runners. She was. I couldn’t help but run as soon as I got into her view and until I got out of her view no matter what. Good thing about the 3rd loop. The clouds rolled in and blocked the sun.

As soon as I finished, I went straight to the snack table and ate about 3 bags of pretzels. If there were salt cubes available, I might have eaten them also. Tell tale sign of dehydration I suppose. When I got home, I had a net 5lbs weight loss, and that is after gulping down 2 cans of Coke, 3 bags of pretzels, a banana, a 20 oz of bottled water and all the water and Gatorade I drank at the water stations.

As usual, it was good to see our blogging members at the race. Before the start of the 8.4K, I got a chance to talk to Jon, Waverly, Cassie, Mannie, Sarah and Sarah’s friend Chris. Before the start of the 25K, I met and chatted with Jennifer Kim. Oh, and congrats to Jessica whom I met after the run. She won 3rd place in her age group and had a nice piece of hardware to show for it. Way to go! During the 3rd loop of the race, a guy in a red Houston Fit running shirt came up and said,
“Are you Holden?”
“Yes….” (With a curious look on my face)
“I recognized you from your blog. Have a good race!”
Then he was gone.
By the Striders tent I met Steve Shepard. As usual, he was full of running wisdom. Not to worry too much about this race as the conditions were not so good etc.

Finally, sorry for all the rambling. It is hard to write well this early. But I wanted to get the post out. Next race: The 30K.


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

I feel your pain. I remember the Astros 5K this past year...ONLY 3.1 miles of 100% humidity and 80+ temperatures...ask Lisa, she was there too, and it was a PR 5k for her until about 2 months ago. I almost didn't finish and I saw several people laying down at the finish line. You made it, and all that matters is that everyone says the 30k is usually really icy cold! Something to look forward to. I’ll be cheering for you. And thanks for the shoutout:)

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

good job Holden :) the heat was tres miserable

lisaleese said...

Hmm... note to self.. bring SALT LICK to next big race I cheer at.
Won't be at the 30K but Jessica will represent the HRBs....

lisaleese said...

oops. I mean, Cassie will be there.. ARGH, sorry!

Dave Smart said...

way to hang in there, looks like you're doing the right things to get ready for Jan 15...Let's hope the 30 K is more forgiving (maybe only a little wind and rain instead) I may try the 30k as well...will check the calendar

jen said...


(yay for kimchi squats)