Thursday, November 17, 2005

Back In The Training Mode

I did not get to run yesterday. The legs didn't feel right. The knees were still a little tight and certain parts were sore one time or another. Even so, by 7:30 PM last night, I felt so guilty that I packed my swim suit and went for a swim at the Y. I swam 1.1K in 30 minutes. I promised to run the following morning.

It was 35 degrees in The Woodlands when I rolled out of bed at 6 AM. So, the urge to run lost out to the urge to stay warm. After seeing both kids off to school, I went back to the Y. This time, I concentrated on weight training and stretching. Not bad. I promised myself to run in the afternoon when the temps got up to a reasonable warmth.

Here is the run down of the 5K.

Mile 1: 8:53
Mile 2: 8:41
Mile 3: 8:32
0.1 Mile: 0:34

Asics Gel Kayano XI Mileage: 3.1 miles

Nice negative splits. The weather was perfect. A little breeze and the temp was about 60. The new Asics Gel Kayano XI felt really good. After running in these, I realized how "done" my last pair of Asics GT-2100's were. To think I ran the last 25K in dead shoes. I've decided to keep a log of my shoe mileage on this blog. I think this will allow be to better manage my shoe replacement time table.


Dave Smart said...

I think my shoes are dying too, somewhere around 600 miles on them (20 weeks at ~30Mi/wk). On a similar note, do you recommend a watch that tracks your mileage/splits? I still wear an old Timex triathlon.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

I just got new shoes too :) They have 4 miles on them!!!

I def. recommend a running computer watch- Garmin or Polar :)