Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Running Music

On my latest 19 miler, I did something I have never done before.  I ran with music.  There's pros and cons of doing this.  Yes, time does seem to go by faster.  No, situation awareness is not as acute so you must pay more attention to your surroundings.  Since my music player is also my phone, I had the security of being able to call the wife unit or daughter unit for a rescue ride home if necessary.  I could also stop by one or two Starbucks on my route and use my Sbux app.  Neither was required.

I'm still still not convinced music is the thing to do.  You do lose a little touch with nature.  You also don't hear your breathing as well.  I found myself going faster than I should on some of the faster songs.

Rock on.

Push Ups

2013 Push Up challenge.  AKA, Holden's cross training.  Today was easy since I was only required to do ONE.  Ha.  The hard part in any exercise regime is getting it done.  I procrastinated until 7 PM to do it.

May you keep your resolutions straight and narrow in your mind.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Woodlands Marathon #2

It seems work life has taken over since the last post.  I have racked up about 100,000 miles since then which in itself is a PR.

Well looks like I am now training for another Woodlands Marathon.  The last one did not go well due to lack of training.  None the less, I did finish it in regulation.

It seems I am going through some motivational issues with running these days. It is very hard to get my running gear on.  However, once outside, I am totally OK.  I guess there is much on my mind.

Still the favorite part of running for me is the feeling of good tired and good sore after a long run.  I know, non runners will not understand this feeling.  But that is OK.  One day, maybe they will.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Ready for a new Marathon

The Woodlands Marathon will be my next attempt to break 4 hours.

So let's see, race is on March 3rd, which gives me about 6 weeks to get into Marathon training shape.

Time to get psyched up!

Go me! go me!

Monday, August 15, 2011


That is me. Slacker. I stumbled on Christy's blog while letting my hair air dry before going to bed and then wondered why I don't blog these days. Time constraint for sure. But it is so much more fun reading old blog posts than trying to re-read facebook.

Running wise, I've run through this summer's non stop heat wave. What makes us miserable now will pay back 10 fold in the fall. I know it. Not that I'm signed up for any race.

Just so you know, my hair is wet because I took a shower because I ran 4 after work in 98 degree weather. Cause and effect.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Extreme Tapering

That means no running. Hopefully, I won't go to mush but with right shin acting up severely, I've decided to give up running for a while. I have not run since last Monday so I'm going on 8 days and counting. Most of the discomfort has gone away. I am contemplating going back to running this Saturday at the RTW 5K. There is not much to write about on a running blog when you are not running. So there you go. No run today, or tomorrow or for the next few days.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


3rd 20 miler long run has now been completed as of last Thursday. As usual, I'm getting a little restless with the tapering. This time, it is also exasperated by shin splint problem on the right knee. Logic tells me I should blow off most of the remaining runs to recover as much as possible. The irrational side wants me to go out and run the remainder of the taper runs. Why? because the remaining runs are easier, funner and most importantly, shorter.

While running the Christmas 5K, I rediscovered the fun-ness of a low key 5K race. So despite my logic led tapering, I went over to run RTW again last Saturday. It was not going to be pretty as I was still beat from the last 20 miler. But if no PR was in sight, I was hoping for some free schwag that Luke's always brings to the race. The night before, both Alli and Alex had committed to running with me, as long as they could get out of bed. These are teenagers. They never get out of bed on weekends if they don't have to.

I saw Vince Atannucci once I got there. Knowing that he passed me during mile 3 of last 5K, I decided to follow him and hang on and see if I could finish with him. Well, silly me. I was able to stay in his shadow for just over a mile and perhaps if I was well rested, I could have probably followed him all the way. But I ran out of gas and had to slow down.

Mile 1: 7:20
Mile 2: 8:17
Mile 3: 7:47
0.1: 0:49

3.1 miles: 24:14 (official time: 24:13)

I did win a Nike South 2008 tech running hat and 2009 Run Thru The Woods T shirt so I came home with a consolation prize. The hat is awesome. It would be $20 plus retail I think. Ahh, contentment :)

Running Part 2:

Well, the day's running was not done yet. Now for more fun running. After finishing up some breakfast pancakes and coffee, I headed out to meet Karen at Shadowbend and lake Woodlands. She was in the midst of a 41 miler in preparation for 100 mile trail run in February. (Kinda makes my marathon seem so insignificant lol). I ran a nice 4.3 miles with her, Christy and two great college kids that attend St. Anthony. Running is a lot of fun when you do it as a group. This was a great reminder of that running fellowship. Plus I got to meet Christy for the first time after knowing her only through the internet for the past 4 years.

Monday, January 03, 2011

New PR!

New 5K PR. Santa gave me a nice Christmas present. The RTW 5K Christmas Day edition 2010 was RD'ed by Jon Walk who volunteered to put this race on for tradition sake and because he loves this sport.

Allison and Alex also came for the first time. This was their 1st organized 5K race. On our way over, Allison stated that she wasn't going to race it, just to run it and check out the course. I told Alex to not kill himself trying to catch Allison because, he can't.

It was crazy cold for Houston. Temps in the 30's I think. Cold enough for gloves and long sleeves anyway.

I was excited because I haven't been to a RTW race in a very long time. I wasn't sure what I was capable of as the only speed work I've done lately was tempo running behind Allison on her long slow weekend runs. However, I did know that if I broke 24 by a few seconds, I was going to P.R. it.

Mile 1: 7:21 Alex did not heed my caution and ran out like a rabbit to chase down his sister. Sure enough, before first mile marker came into view, I passed him.
Mile 2: 7:51 Not sure why I slowed down so much?
Mile 3: 7:38 The Attanucci's pass me
0.1: 6:07 Heard foot steps. Sped up to not get passed.

Total: 23:26

Official Time: 23:25 P.R!

This broke 23:53 set on 4/26/08 at RTW.

I'm glad I am still able to improve my time. Hopefully, this is a good omen for my marathon later this month. I just need to nurse my right shins well. It has been getting more and more painful, forcing me to reduce mileage. I have my last 20 mile long run this week and will be starting my taper. Hopefully the leg will hold out.

Allison's Time: 22:44
Alex's Time: 29:01